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    Scream Server Info

    Post  Ptasior on Tue Oct 13, 2009 5:17 pm

    Scream Server v2!

    Hi. This is our 2nd edition of Scream Server. We made our best to make server balanced and not boring fast.
    It's a bit ToPlike coz as one of our members said, that server lives longest ;].


    Solo exp - 5x

    Party exp - 7x

    Drop - 7x

    Pet - 150x

    Ship - 20x



    Reg Site:
    (You must be in hamachi)

    ScreamSrv (till 5 for now, will be made more Smile)
    pass is 'zxcv'

    Some infos:

    -edited unses
    -edited corals
    -CA every 8h. here its not so easy to get 5k max ;]
    -FC/DS - every 3h, drop Cracked and Broken gems.
    -DW - every 3h. normal drop
    -Lone Tower is now maze, u can get ticket to LT 1, then u have to go manually to all
    -Uns 45 for 2m, uns 55 for specially made items from LT (NPC will tell u everything ^^'), uns 65 - 5kals
    -uns 75 - 20*Gloomy Heart of forest, 20*Gold Coin,20* password EF, 20* Rotten Meat
    -uns 85 - 50*kal, 50*Fel, 50*Yal, 50*Lum
    -Bounty Hunter has got chests inside, that drops unique gems, only lvls lower than 50 can enter.
    -Glacier Armageddon also has got chests, its for lvls 90+
    -Azreals from some bosses (list of them will be added later)
    -Reb1 re-made, soon we will make also our Reb2 and Reb3
    -Black Dragon Drops All Gems and its much easier.

    Money making:

    And...about server, its made to ppl have fun doing massive PK, bossing, we always missed that
    on private servers, so we tried to make 1 that will have lots of this Smile

    We all hope you enjoy it.


    Scream Team

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